New Series: The Foreign Source – Introduction

Something I have been planning to blog about for some time now is how there is so much Lotus related material out thre that is not being generated by US or other English sources. If you follow you will often see non English posts pop up but what I think allot of readers of Lotus related material world-wide might not be that aware of is just how much great material there is out there if you just go and dig a bit. I am calling this new series [The foreign Source] or TFS for short (how many series do I have now? I am running out of fingers to count).

Let’s go and explore – I’ll start with a favorite of mine: The Lotus Germany blog

It actually resides on a German Lotus Connections install that is publicly available and lists allot of great content. Some of it, of course, is duplication of other sources (it is IBM after all) but allot of it is unique and most of what they put out is in English.  Add that feed to your reader and see what they have to offer. I sometimes read of something in their feed before I hear of it in other US feeds.


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