New Brand, New Blog, New Post ….

First of all: For any of of who have found this newly designed and renamed blog of mine – thanks for visiting! I have been working on re-designing and re-branding my blog for a while and also decided to move it from Domino to WordPress. After that I took a LONG and very necessary brake from any kind of on-line activity as I was in dire need of decompression and relaxation … hence my long absence from blogging or any other kind of on-line activity not immediately connected to work for clients.

I will be adding new and (hopefully) interesting content to this blog from here on forward and hope that my readers will forgive my period of down-time contemplation and bring up my site statistics … 😉



2 thoughts on “New Brand, New Blog, New Post ….

  1. My son walk passed me and got quick look at my screen while i was reading your page and he stopped and asked ” Dad why are you reading NoseBusters ” am still laughing


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